Healing Yoga

I was on BBM with Melati  talking about this healing yoga class and I decided to try it. It said that it can relieve stress and cleans our body from “bad energy“. I don’t really get that but I tried anyway.

So I’m trying to write about healing yoga with this sore in my thigh :D. I take the class 2 days ago, and the sore hasn’t go away. One of the most important thing in yoga, I guess…is how flexible your body is, God…those stretching position really push my muscle to work. I never did yoga before, it’s my first time and I thought that this practice won’t make me sweat. BIG mistake, I sweat much. It really surprises me that, only with a simple position and a correct breathing technique made me sweat a lot and feel fresh.

There are 5 basic things in yoga : body postures, breathing exercises, cleansing practices, sound therapy and relaxation. For newbie like me, body postures in yoga are quite hard. I fell a few times and I noticed how stiff my body is. I can’t bend my spine as much as it should and I can’t reach my toes with my middle finger. Breathing and cleansing exercises is more easier to do, I only have to fill my lung with air as much as I can get, hold it, and exhale slowly. Sound therapy and relaxation is my favorite part from yoga, we can choose sitting or laying position while hearing a soothing sound. It made me feel very relax and calm…I should try this often 🙂

Another thing about yoga is that it can be done alone at home, which I think it’s great because I don’t have to waste time on driving to get to class and avoid embarrassing myself from doing  bad yoga posture 😀 So, definitely I’m gonna practice  another yoga!


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