Live Your Dreams

This thought came to me while I’m doing my errands, making reports and stuff. I was thinking about my dreams, my goals and how my choices can affect my life. I feel bored with my job, doing the same thing every single day, and I can’t even enjoy it. So there’s this one day when I finally felt enough and I decided that I need to quit this job, a job that actually prestigious for some people but also hated by many people… a civil servant. It really is a very well think about decision and I’ve thought about it for a while. I learned that a steady job with a stable income isn’t always the very thing you wanted in life. Everyone have their own dream, some worked as a broker because they loved the chaotic situation, some worked as priest cause they can find peace, some traveled all around the world and take whatever job offered to them in order to get some  money to make another journey worldwide. I envy those who brave enough to break rules and start again from scratch to fulfill their dreams.

So, I quit my job and start chasing my own dreams, to become a mother, to have a complete home with lots of laughter, to babysit 2 pups and to have an enjoyable side job. It seems a very simple dream, or maybe it’s not even a dream to some people, but hey… everybody deserves their own dream and live it. Nobody needs to question somebody else dream… note that!!

To all of you who already lived your dreams, congratulations, soon I’ll be joining you (finger crossed x-)) and for you who still working on it, just like me…remember that whenever you feel tired or even down because people look down on you, take a rest for a while, smell the air and notice that this is the only life you gonna lived  and think wisely about the chances you’re going to take 🙂


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